Bian Hanlin, Deputy Mayor of Weifang City, visited Lanxiang Environment for research and guidance
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On March 12, 2021, Bian Hanlin, Vice Mayor of Weifang City, led the leaders of relevant departments to visit our company. Li Xinge, Secretary of the Anqiu Municipal Party Committee, Leng Wenqing, Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zheng Hongyan, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology accompanied the investigation. CEO Xu Qinghua made a relevant report to the research leaders.

Deputy Mayor Bian listened to the company's development report, focusing on the progress of the company's innovative research and development work. Fully affirmed that the company quickly resumed work and production after Chinese New Year, and entered the operating state of full production. At the same time, he put forward guiding opinions for the development of the enterprise. He said that Lanxiang Environment should seize favorable opportunities in the next development process and insist on leading the high-quality development of the enterprise with technological innovation.


The achievements of Lanxiang Environment are inseparable from the strong supports of the municipal party committee and government. We will continue to uphold the innovative concept of "coordination and breakthrough", build the company into an excellent brand in the industry and contribute to the economic development of society.

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