Lanxiang Environment held a grand New Year's Day Party of 2021
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On the evening of December 31, 2020, the New Year's Day Party with the theme of "Consolidating the Foundation of Development and Striving for a New Five Years" was organized by Shandong Lanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Participants in the party were related leaders of Anqiu City, all employees of Lanxiang Environment and some of their families.



The party kicked off with the rumbling drums of the dance "Chinese Drums". All the cast presented the carefully prepared programs one by one. Songs and dances, sketches, cross talks, sitcoms and other programs are staged one after another to present the audience. 






CEO Xu Qinghua and General Manager of each center read the company’s culture and annual working slogan.


"Consolidating the Foundation of Development and Striving for a New Five Years" , the 2021 Lanxiang Environment New Year's Party lived up to expectations, depicted the huge changes and development of Lanxiang Environment, showed the hardworking spirit of all employees not forgetting their original aspirations and forging ahead, and composed a beautiful starting of 2021.


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