2020 Annual Employees’ Children Education Fund Presentation Ceremony of Lanxiang Environment
Date lssued:September 25,2020 Views:3617
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In this harvest season, Lanxiang Environment employees’ children have obtained good news again for the college entrance examination. Our company had nine employees' children who had been admitted to the ideal university with excellent results. In order to care for the families of employees and encourage their children to study hard and be proactive, the company held the 2020 employee children's education awards ceremony at the afternoon meeting on September 7, with a total of 27,600 yuan.

Lanxiang Environment has always attached great importance to their children's admission to the ideal universities, and has always taken it as a major issue to encourage employees' children to study at ease. At the ceremony, CEO Xu Qinghua expressed sincere congratulations to the rewarded employees and said: “While making contributions to the company, employees did not neglect their children’s education and cultivated so many outstanding college students. This is not only the pride of every family, but also the pride of Lanxiang Environment."

Lanxiang Environment has set up the education rewards for employees’ children to encourage employees to attach importance to education and strive to cultivate the next generation. The company hopes that all employees’ children will fully understand the hard work of their parents, live up to their expectations, study hard in campus, and return society with excellent results.

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