On July 28, 2021, Sinopec sent an expert group to our company to assess the product quality and production capacity. The expert group conducted a detailed review for our company's technical data and s
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On July 28, 2020, the Sinopec-Lanxiang Environment Plume Abatement and Water-saving Cooling Tower Quality Evaluation Review Meeting was successfully held in our company. Leaders who participated in this meeting were: Sinopec expert group, CEO Xu Qinghua and responsible persons in charge of relevant departments.

At the meeting, CEO Xu first made a speech on behalf of Lanxiang Environment, welcomed the arrival of the expert group, and reported the overall situation of the company's development. Liu Guochun, general manager of the marketing center, accompanied the expert group to visit the factory and production workshops.

The expert group conducted a detailed and comprehensive review for the relevant situation of Lanxiang Environment. After the review, the expert group agreed that: Lanxiang Environment has strong technology, advanced technical equipments, powerful production capacity, smooth system operation, rigorous process control and is conformity with the standards of the "EPEC Industrial Quality Evaluation Method". At last, the expert group has unanimously reviewed and passed it.

The successful approval shows that Lanxiang Environment has fully qualified as a qualified supplier of Sinopec, and has reached the highest level in the industry, laying a solid foundation for the company's next development.

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