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Circulating Water Field EPC
  • Engineering Consulting
    Lanxiang Environment has equipped with a strong technical experts’ team engaged in engineering project operation and management in the long run. We are committed to providing clients with whole process and full range of consulting service for decision-making and implementation of circulating water filed project, including planning consultancy, project consultancy, evaluation consultancy and whole process consultancy in the principle of independent, scientific and fair.
    Our Competence: Feasibility Study, Overall Planning & Design, Investment Estimates, Delivery Evaluation
  • Engineering Design
    Lanxiang Environment is continuously maintaining in-depth research and development cooperation with Chinese and foreign institutions. In addition, we have equipped with a skillful technical expert team with international perspective and have already mastered multiple core technologies of circulating water field with more than 100 national patents. With strong design capabilities, we are committed to delivering optimal design service based on clients’ needs in terms of circulating water field with international leading and industrial advanced design software and providing engineering design products for clients with national and industry standards, including basic design, preliminary design, detailed design and construction drawing design.
    Design Advantages: Design Team, Design Capability, National Patents, Core Technologies
  • Engineering Procurement
    Engineering procurement is an important part of EPC project, which is of significant importance to project completion on schedule and smooth delivery. With perfect supplier’s management system and global resource integration capability, Lanxiang Environment is committed to the procurement and overall supervision management of all materials related to circulating water field projects.
    Procurement Advantages: Resource Integration, Supply Chain Management, Procurement Practice, Process Control
  • Engineering Construction
    Lanxiang Environment has already established a set of perfect QHSE management system with the qualifications of environmental protection project contracting and mechanical and electronic engineering construction contracting. We have equipped with a strong EPC project management team for circulating water field, which can realize the whole process, full range and full cycle high standard control of EPC projects so as to strictly control the quality, HSE, project progress and costs, ensuring the smooth construction and delivery of the project on schedule.
    Construction Advantages: Professional Team, Specialized Machinery, Construction Management, Successful Practices.
  • Engineering Operation & Maintenance
    Lanxiang Environment has already equipped with operation & maintenance technical reserves of mechanical, electric and instruments required for circulating water field EPC projects, which can facilitate the company to provide professional guidance and technical service from the perspective of clients in terms of mechanical, electric and instruments maintenance management and equipment operation, maintenance and overhaul of circulating water field, ensuring failure-free operation of the project.
    O&M Advantages:Energy & Water Saving, Big Data Analysis, Failure Warning, Precise Control
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