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Operating Principle

Hybrid Operation Mode:Simultaneously open air regulator devices of evaporating section and air cooling section, the circulating water firstly goes through air cooling section and the ambient air traverses the outside of finned tube to pre-cool the circulating water. The pre-cooled circulating water goes into heat exchange tube bundles and exchanges heat with air and spray water to achieve the effect of cooling.

Dry Mode:When the ambient temperature is lower than the setting temperature, close the air regulator device of evaporating section and open the air regulator device of air cooling section. Stop spraying water and make use of air cooling to meet the process requirements of circulating water temperature drop.

Wet Mode:During the extremely high temperature of summer, close the air regulator device of air cooling section and open the air regulator device of evaporating section. Open spraying water and make use of air and spraying water to cool the circulating water.

Product Performance

Large flow rate per cell, reaching 500m³/h~2500m³/h        Annual water saving rate of about 30%-85%

Product Features
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    Complementary Heat Exchange Technology
    Hybrid closed circuit cooling tower has optimized air-cooling and evaporative cooling to make two cooling modes interdependent in structure and complement in function through innovative design.;
    Intelligent control mode is applied to ensure both the high efficiency of heat exchange and air-cooling water saving and evaporative cooing effect as a way to effectively play the advantage of high efficiency, energy saving and water saving of the system. 
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    Low Operation Cost
    Low height of tower to save the investment of civil construction;
    Low lift pump and low energy consumption operation;
    Ambient temperature setting to realize dry operation of spray water;
    Intelligent operation to meet the needs energy saving and water saving under different conditions;
    Finned tube is in dry environment with long service life;
    Special coating anti-corrosion process is applied to spraying pipe with convenient cleaning and descaling. Low-grade reclaimed water, desulfurization wastewater and surface rainwater are used as spraying water to increase concentration ratio and reduce industrial water consumption。

industry application
  • Chemical Industry

  • Metallurgy Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Nuclear Power Industry

  • Natural Gas Industry

  • Calcium Carbide Industry

  • Photovoltaic Industr

  • Air Separation Oxygen Production Industry

  • Plastic Industry

  • Mechanical Processing Industry

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