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Operating Principle

The operating principle of hybrid cooler is that pre-cooling with large flow and large temperature difference is made by using wet air flowing from heat exchange coil through air cooling components before high temperature fluid enters evaporation heat exchange coil. After high temperature medium within finned tube is pre-cooled and then cooled (condensed) again by entering evaporative tube coil assembly. 

Product Performance

Applicable cooling medium temperature:30℃ —180 ℃               Design pressure of cooling medium:-0.1—34MPa

Product Features
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    High-efficient Hybrid Heat Exchange Mode
    Hybrid cooler by taking evaporative cooling as core and air cooling as supplement.
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    Excellent Energy Saving Effect
    Latent and sensible heat exchange have been completed by using a set of shared fan system to realize good energy saving effect.
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    The Function Of Water Saving And Plume Abatement
    Integrated arrangement between air-cooling and evaporative cooling, small floor space and pre-cooling technology of air cooling can eliminate smoke plume and mitigate scaling rate of evaporation section so as to realize dry operation in winter with obvious advantage of water saving.
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    Excellent Anti-corrosion Technology
    Stainless steel materials are used for air inlet grill and dust-proof net, High temperature hot dip galvanized anticorrosion for steel structure, aluminum alloy materials for drift eliminator and anticorrosive technology of double-sided plastic spraying on galvanized sheet for external guard plate. 

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    Low Operation Cost
    Under the same heat exchange load, compared with traditional water-cooling system, this technology can save 30%-70% of water and above 50% of annually operational costs; While compared with air-cooled system, this technology can save electricity by 30%-60% and above 40% of operational costs per year.

industry application
  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Coal Chemical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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