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Operating Principle

Heat exchange is conducted between intake water of cooling tower and external cold air through finned type heat exchanger to reduce the temperature of inlet water, then the water will be sprayed into the fill through splashing device to have a sufficient contact with inlet air at the lower part of tower to reduce the water temperature to the designed requirements though Contact heat dissipation and evaporative heat dissipation. Meanwhile, inlet air at the lower part of tower after heat exchange has become saturated moist and warm air with rising temperature, under the action of air mixer, saturated moist and warm air is fully mixed with dry and warm air of finned coil outlet to form unsaturated moist and warm air, which can eliminate the visible plume so as to realize plume abatement. 

Product Performance

Flow rate per cell:1000m³/h-6000m³/h         Water saving rate: annual average rate of 15%~20% 

Product Features
  • Good Plume Abatement Effect
    Effectively eliminate outlet air plume of cooling tower to meet “Fog-free” requirements stipulated in T/CECS 517.
  • High Water Saving Rate
    Composite materials are used for the core structure of condensation module to improve heat exchange performance and realize the annual average evaporation water loss of 15%-20%. 
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    High Thermal Performance Guarantee
    Flexible switch of fog dispersal mode and the cooling tower enjoys better thermal performance under the extreme weather conditions in summer.
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    Reduced Evaporation Load
    Non-contact pre-cooling is made by finned tube heat exchange for circulating water with using external cold air to reduce the cooling load of packing for circulating water and partial evaporation water volume. 
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    Sufficient Mixing Between Dry And Wet Air
    Dry and warm air after heat exchange through finned tube heat exchanger and saturated warm and moist air of drift eliminator are fully mixed in air chamber to drastically reduce the humidity and temperature of air at the outlet of fan stack as a way to eliminate air plume. 

industry application
  • Chemical Industry

  • Metallurgy Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Chemical Fiber Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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