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Product Overview

Noise reduction is made for different types of cooling tower, including intake and exhaust noise of fan, drenching noise, fan and motor noise and vibration noise to meet the requirements of national environment noise standard.

Product Performance

Noise reduction indicator: reduce 10-35dB(A) noise of cooling tower

Product Features
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    Significant Low Sound Effect
    The noise of tower can be reduced from 85dB(A) to 10-35 dB(A), making the surrounding environment meet the requirements of GB 3096-2008 Environmental Quality Standard for Noise and GB 22337-2008 Emission Standard for Community Noise.
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    Energy Saving & Environment-Friendly Materials And Specialized Design
    Select energy saving and environmentally friendly materials and structure with high performance according to technical parameters analysis and comparison and provide clients with optimal product design featured by acoustic analysis, flow field analysis and solid vibration analysis. 

industry application
  • Chemical Industry

  • Metallurgy Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Chemical Fiber Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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