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Operating Principle

Rigid structural parts are used for all column, diagonal bracing and support beam of steel structure cooling tower. Hot water is splashed through water pipe and attached splash device on the top surface of packing. In the packing area, hot water and air are fully contacted and transfer the heat to air and the fan on top of tower can extract the air out of the tower from bottom to top. 

Product Performance

Flow rate per cell:500m³/h-5000m³/h

Product Features
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    High Economy
    In terms of comparison between steel structure cooling tower and reinforced concrete cooling tower, the consumption of steel and rebar is basically flat, saving a large amount of concrete and dramatically reducing basic excavation and material consumption. 
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    Factory Assembled Construction
    Symmetrical structure is used for steel structure with relatively simple processing and installation, which can maximize the prefabrication of components in the factory and reduce site workload so as to realize the prefabrication of cooling tower with high reliability and short site construction period. 
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    Green And Environmental Protection 
    Steel structure with light weight and high strength, less consumption, all streel structure can be recycled to achieve green and environmental protection. 
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    Good Seismic Performance
    Steel structure with light weight and wind load control design, seismic effect has less effect on the force of tower.

industry application
  • Chemical Industry

  • Metallurgy Industry

  • Power Industry

  • Chemical Fiber Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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